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Today, distance education and online learning are becoming increasingly common and the number of students enrolled in online courses is increasing. In parallel with this, the use of software and hardware technologies in education and training is gaining importance. Educational institutions also need educational software that conforms to their own academic standards and assessment tools.

Learning Management System; It is an integrated system that allows the management of educational content, monitoring of learners and teachers, and individualization of learning and teaching processes.The purpose of learning management systems is to facilitate e-learning activities and to perform them in a more systematic and planned way.

Learning management systems have software components that manage, report, and monitor students’ content and interaction with the teacher.

The functions of the learning management system can be listed as follows:

presents e-learning contents to the user,
It carries out the registration process,
Provides communication and interaction between users and instructors,
Makes Measurement and Evaluation,
User follows training information,
Generates reports,
It saves labor, time and cost.
What is Mergen LMS?

Mergentech Learning Management System is a web-based information management system designed to systematize, execute, track, store and report all materials in the training process according to the objectives, goals and training strategies of organizations. Mergentech LMS module provides a lot of convenience for companies and educational institutions.

It provides the opportunity to manage all processes involving education such as educator management, student management, lesson planning, content creation, material uploading, publishing announcements, grading, quiz management, educator-student communication, live lessons, homework processes, discussion, and course statistics.